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How to Prepare For Electrical Emergencies in Your Home or Business

Publish Date : April 11, 2023


Just like in every other city, electricians in Orange County, California, can provide valuable services to homes and businesses at any time, especially when there is an electrical emergency.

Electrical emergencies can be dangerous and extremely disruptive for both homes and businesses.

Being ready for an electrical emergency is the best course of action. Making the effort to be ready for an electrical emergency will help you keep your family safe.

It will reduce downtime, and minimize disruptions to your business even before you seek the help of after-hours electricians for emergency electrical repairs.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to get ready for electrical emergencies at your home or place of business, such as power failures, electrical shocks, electrical fires, and circuit overloads.

Identify potential electrical emergencies

The first step in preparing for an electrical emergency is to identify the potential issues that could arise. Some common electrical emergencies include:

  • Power failure
  • Electrical shocks
  • Electrical fires
  • Circuit overloads

Once you have identified the potential electrical emergencies, it is important to have a plan in place to address each one.

  1. Create an emergency kit
  2. Have contact information for electricians in Orange County CA
  3. Develop an emergency plan

What to do if there is a power outage

Check your circuit breaker:

Checking your circuit breaker should be your first step. Reset the circuit breaker if it has tripped to see if the electricity comes back on. If not, ignore the circuit breaker and move on to the next step.

Check with neighbors:

To find out if your neighbors are also without power, check with your neighbors. If they are, you must get in touch with your utility provider because the problem is probably with the local power grid.

Contact your utility company:

If no one in your neighborhood is losing power, your house or place of business is probably the only one affected. For an estimated time of restoration and to report the outage, get in touch with your utility provider.

Additionally, you might want to find out if there is any anticipated maintenance or building work that might be the root of the outage.

Use alternative power sources:

If you have a generator or backup power source, use it to power essential devices such as refrigerators, medical equipment, and lighting.

Stay safe:

During a power outage, it is important to stay safe. Use flashlights instead of candles to avoid fire hazards, and turn off or unplug any non-essential electronics to avoid power surges when the power is restored.

Contact emergency electrical repair services:

If the power failure is due to an electrical issue in your home or business, contact emergency electrical service in orange county, immediately to address the problem.

What to do if there is an electrical fire

Call for help:

You should dial 911 or your local fire department as soon as possible. It is vital to act quickly because electrical fires can spread quickly.

Turn off the power:

Cut off the power to the impacted area if it is safe to do so. This may aid in limiting the fire’s ability to spread and cause more harm.

Use a fire extinguisher:

Try to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher if you have one. Aim at the flames’ bases rather than the actual flames.

Evacuate the area:

Evacuate the area right away if the fire is too big or you can’t put it out with a fire extinguisher. To help the fire remain contained, shut any doors behind you.

Wait for help:

Until the fire department has given you the all-clear, do not attempt to re-enter the structure. Given the unpredictability of electrical fires, it is important to wait for the situation to be evaluated by qualified experts.

Contact emergency electrical repair services:

Contact emergency electrical repair services after the fire has been put out to take care of any electrical problems that may have contributed to the fire.

What to do if there is an electrical shock

Shut off the power:

As soon as you can, cut off the electrical current’s power source. This will lessen the chance that the shock will continue and injure someone else.

Call for help:

For assistance, dial 911 or the local emergency number. It’s crucial to seek medical attention as soon as you can after an electrical shock because they can result in serious injuries.

Check for injuries:

Check for any obvious wounds like burns or bruises if you or someone nearby has been shocked. Even if there are no obvious wounds, get medical help right away.

Do not touch the person:

You shouldn’t touch someone who has just been shocked because an electrical current might still be running through their body. Instead, use a non-conductive object, like a wooden stick, to disconnect them from the electrical source.

Perform CPR if necessary:

Perform CPR on the person until help arrives if they are not breathing or have no pulse.

Contact an after-hours electrician:

Contact the after-hours electrician to address any electrical problems that may have contributed to the shock after the patient has received medical attention.

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What to do if there is a circuit overload

Turn off appliances:

Turn off any electronics or appliances that were in use at the time your circuit breaker tripped. When the power is restored, this will aid in preventing the circuit from overloading once more.

Identify the affected circuit:

To figure out which circuit is impacted, check your circuit breaker panel. A switch that has been turned to the “OFF” position will serve as a signal for this.

Reset the circuit breaker:

Switch the circuit breaker completely to the “OFF” position, then back to the “on” position to reset it. If the circuit breaker trips again right away, there might be a serious problem that needs to be handled by a professional.

Reduce electrical usage:

If you experience frequent circuit overloads, it may be necessary to reduce your electrical usage by unplugging appliances or using them less frequently.

Contact electricians in Orange County, CA:

If you are unable to reset the circuit breaker or continue to experience circuit overloads, contact electricians in Orange County, CA, for professional assistance.

They can diagnose the issue and provide the necessary repairs or upgrades to prevent future circuit overloads.

What to do if there are Fallen electrical lines

Stay away:

Stay away from it and warn others to do the same if you see an electrical line that has fallen. There is a significant risk of electrocution if electrical lines are live.

Call for help:

To report the downed electrical line, immediately dial 911 or your local emergency services. Do not assume that it has already been reported by someone else.

Notify the utility company:

Contact your local utility company to report the fallen electrical line. They will send a qualified professional to handle the situation.

Avoid touching anything nearby:

Avoid touching any objects, including trees and cars, that are near the fallen electrical line. Stay away from anything in contact with the fallen line because electrical current can pass through conductive materials.

Stay inside:

Stay inside and refrain from using electrical appliances until the situation has been resolved if the downed electrical line is close to your residence or place of business.

Evacuate if necessary:

If a fire has been started or there is an immediate threat, leave the area right away and find shelter somewhere else.


By taking the time to plan, you can lessen the impact that electrical emergencies have on your home or place of business. Electrical emergencies can be dangerous and disruptive.

Make sure to prepare an emergency kit, keep the phone numbers of electricians in Orange County, California, handy, and create an emergency plan.

Consider contacting EZ Eletric for emergency electrical repair services in addition to taking the steps listed above in the event of a power outage.

In the event of an electrical emergency, being prepared will help to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

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