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Robert Wong

Marketing Manager


Robert is a marketing manager at EZ ELETRIC. He has an interest in writing articles related to HVAC installation, maintenance, and repairs. The HVAC system has made our life convenient regardless of the climatic changes. Read Robert’s articles to know step-by-step installation guide for ceiling fan, smoke detector, lighting and electrical appliances in California as well as how to repair them in case of malfunctioning or breakdown.


Air Conditioner Installation
5 Signs That You Need To Install A New Air Conditioner

Even if fall is on its way, you should still pay attention to your air conditioning system just because it is becoming cooler outside. This is especially important to remember if there are issues with your air conditioner. You may need to do more than […]

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Electrical Services
What You Should Do In The Event Of An Electrical Emergency

Electrical issues are typically relatively minor; nonetheless, the circumstances elevate them to the level of becoming an emergency. Because of the potential for significant injury to you and your family, you must take prompt and prudent action if you find yourself in this situation. Emergencies […]

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Outdoor Electrical Outlets
All You Need To Know About Outdoor Electrical Outlets

Driven lighting is rapidly becoming the most desirable alternative for various outdoor lighting applications. The following are some straightforward reasons for this: The lifespan of an LED is 2-10 times longer than that of its nearest competitor technology, and it produces very high-quality light while […]

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Electrician in Laguna Niguel
What exactly does an electrical contractor do?

Someone unfamiliar with the field might wonder, “What does an electrical contractor accomplish that an electrician doesn’t?” There is some fuzziness when comparing an electrician’s work to that of an electrical contractor. This article will examine the distinctions between an electrician and an electrical contractor, […]

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Air conditioner repair
The Importance of Regularly Cleaning The AC Coils

The summer season is characterized by activities such as vacationing with family and friends and spending days at the local pool. If your air conditioner isn’t working correctly, enjoying the summer sun won’t be nearly as much pleasure as it otherwise would be. This past […]

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