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Robert Wong

Marketing Manager


Robert is a marketing manager at EZ ELETRIC. He has an interest in writing articles related to HVAC installation, maintenance, and repairs. The HVAC system has made our life convenient regardless of the climatic changes. Read Robert’s articles to know step-by-step installation guide for ceiling fan, smoke detector, lighting and electrical appliances in California as well as how to repair them in case of malfunctioning or breakdown.


Technician inspecting and maintaining an air conditioning system
10 Ideas for Enhancing Your AC Tune Up Checklist As summer temperatures rise and the days grow longer, the need for air conditioners to function efficiently becomes increasingly important. Like any other mechanical device, air conditioners require regular maintenance to perform at their best. Hence, regular AC tune-ups are vital to ensure the system [...]
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AC Repair
5 Common Reasons Your AC Isn’t Blowing Cold

My AC unit isn’t blowing cold air! a common expression by most homeowners in Aliso Viejo and many other places. To avoid such expressions, it’s essential to check that your air conditioning system is operating properly as the summer months draw closer. However, the AC […]

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AC installation
DIY vs Professional AC Installation: Pros And Cons

When it comes to installing an air conditioner, homeowners frequently debate between doing it themselves or hiring a pro. There are potential risks and drawbacks even though installing an air conditioner yourself might seem like a cost-effective option. It is more expensive, though, and professional […]

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air conditioner leaking water outside
Is Your AC Leaking? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It

Aliso Viejo, in Orange County, California, is known for its sunny weather and low humidity during the summer months of June through August. When these summer months arrive, you depend heavily on your air conditioner to keep you comfortable and cool. But there are times […]

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How to Prepare For Electrical Emergencies in Your Home or Business

Just like in every other city, electricians in Orange County, California, can provide valuable services to homes and businesses at any time, especially when there is an electrical emergency. Electrical emergencies can be dangerous and extremely disruptive for both homes and businesses. Being ready for […]

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