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How Long Should It Take My AC to Cool Down My Home?

Publish Date : July 23, 2022

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It is true that summer these days is quite hot because you don’t want to leave your air conditioner. But are you aware that if you run your AC constantly for hours, your system will wear out soon and your energy bill will be high? If yes, then you must use your system within the limit to offer the best result for a long period of time and save your money on bills.

Now one question arises: if you are feeling hot after coming from outside, how long will your system take to cool down your room or house? Well, in this regard, I want to say that a number of factors affect the time to cool down your home.

So, let’s discuss those factors which will help you to understand this concept in a better way:

Age and model of the system

If you installed your air conditioner ten years ago, it’s the best time to replace your unit with a new one. The reason is, on average, every unit can run flawlessly for around 8 to 10 years; after that, it can start showing some signs of replacement.

However, you can also use that system, but it will not cool down your home as modern units mean faster. Apart from that, the contemporary system which is coming these days is manufactured according to the recent environmental regulations. So, if you want your home or room to cool faster, check your unit’s age and model for better results.

Insulation in your house

Insulation plays an essential role in keeping your home cool for a long period of time. That means if your house is not adequately insulated, the cool air will go outside because you will not feel cool while sitting inside the room.

Apart from that, due to not proper insulation, dust, debris, and scorching heat will come inside. In short, in this situation, your system will have to work harder to avail the desired temperature because it can wear out quickly. So, if you want your room to be cool forever, take care of the insulation part.

Temperature outside

If the outside temperature is relatively warmer, the cooling process will be slow. The reason is quite simple: the heat will come inside the home through hot walls, windows, roofs, etc., because of which the house will take extra time to cool.

Refrigerant leak

Apart from all other factors, if your unit has some issues, then also the unit will take time to cool down your house. In some cases, the AC refrigerant generates some type of leak, because of which the system will not produce cool air. Some of the signs that can help you to recognise this issue are:

  • The air vents of the unit are blowing warm air instead of cool
  • The indoor AC will start offering hissing or bubbling sound
  • The evaporator coil of the unit may be covered with ice because of the insufficient refrigerant circulation

If you are getting these issues with your AC, it’s time to hire the best AC repair Costa Mesa as they will inspect the unit and do the needful.

Dirty air filters

With time, the unit’s air filters get covered with dust and debris, due to which the airflow gets blocked. When the airflow blocks, the system will have to work harder to cool down the house, which will drive up energy bills without much cooling. So, if you want full cooling in this scorching summer, change or clean your system air filters regularly.

According to AC installation experts, check the air filters once a month; if they are found dirty, clean them thoroughly or change them.

The size of the home or room

It is a fact that the smaller the room or home, it will cool faster. For example, if your home has around 3 to 4 bedrooms, it will cool in approximately 3 hours. However, suppose the cooling time is high. In that case, you must check the temperature setting on your thermostat, or your system is facing other issues for which you must call professional AC repair Costa Mesa.

The thermostat setting

This is another factor that will help in making your home cool. That means, if you lower the temperature of your thermostat in the summer season, the system will take a long time to reach its desired level.

Dirty condenser coils

Condenser coils are another essential system element that helps the unit run efficiently. With time, these coils are covered with dust and debris; because of this, the unit will not offer adequate cool air. Some of the signs that show your condenser coils are dirty:

  • Your energy bill will be high
  • The unit may break down due to working hard
  • The system is not offering enough cool air

If you want to get rid of this issue, the most simple solution to the problem is to clean the coils regularly for the best result.

How long does it take for AC to cool the house?

When you turn on your AC, it will start offering cool air when the compressor gets on, but you will feel cool air after some time. The reason is that you are already sweaty, or your body’s temperature is low, due to which you will feel the cooling effect after some time. Here let’s assume your air conditioner is perfect according to your home size; in that case, it will cool down a home in around 15 to 20 minutes. But if the outside temperature is quite hot or humid, the system must run longer to reach the desired temperature.

On the other hand, if your unit is too big according to your home space or too small, it will go for short cycles and take more energy but will not cool down the home.

Now here the question arises how to determine AC unit size according to the size of your home?

So, for this, you can contact the professional AC repair Costa Mesa as they will inspect your home and advise you on the perfect system size. Apart from that, they will also guide you on an AC cooling time calculator, which will help you determine the exact cooling time.

cooling time calculator or AC BTU per square foot

65°F180 Minutes240 Minutes360 Minutes450 Minutes540 Minutes
68°F126 Minutes216 Minutes306 Minutes396 Minutes486 Minutes
70°F90 Minutes180 Minutes270 Minutes360 Minutes450 Minutes
72°F52 Minutes144 Minutes234 Minutes324 Minutes414 Minutes
75°F0 Minutes90 Minutes180 Minutes270 Minutes360 Minutes
78°FN/A36 Minutes126 Minutes216 Minutes306 Minutes

The bottom line

These are some factors that will help determine how long the AC should take to cool down the home. Apart from that, if you want to know more about cooling time, you must contact the best company, EZ Eletric, as they will first inspect the whole home and then tell you the details. The reason to choose this company is they are experts in repairing, maintaining and servicing all types of electrical products at an affordable price.

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