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How Does Regular Maintenance Reduce The Need For Air Conditioner Repair?

Publish Date : July 21, 2022

Technician repair air conditioner

Every electrical item requires regular maintenance, and even the best investments can get ruined if they are not properly maintained. With the advent of air conditioners, enjoying your summers in comfort has never been easier; you can rest on the couch or simply watch a movie or a sporting event with your friends and family.

The air conditioner must get serviced regularly to ensure that your comfort does not come to a halt. Air conditioners are quite advanced, requiring specific installation and knowledge.

Without proper maintenance, the air conditioning performance deteriorates, leading to higher energy consumption. Maintenance is required to keep your air conditioner functioning smoothly and to prevent higher utility bills due to excess energy usage of ACs. It will even help you save money on electricity while extending your air conditioner’s life.

Aside from high electricity bills or repairs, a poorly maintained AC system might suffer from various issues that may require expensive repairs and replacements. It is better to have your air conditioning system regularly serviced to save such avoidable problems and repairs.

Servicing your air conditioners regularly offers many benefits. When an air conditioner works effectively, it uses less energy to achieve the required temperature, making it more powerful. This, in turn, helps to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly environment.

Here are responses to points commonly raised about AC repair and maintenance.

Thermostat Maintenance Reduces The Chances Of Air Conditioner Repair?

The thermostat in your air conditioner is a critical component. It comprises cooling and heating settings, which should be well set for the season as part of its maintenance.

Taking it to a professional for air conditioner repair will also assist in determining whether it is at the proper temperature.

Filters Of Air Conditioners:

The filter is one aspect of the air conditioning system that many overlook when performing routine maintenance. After inspection, the filter should get changed at regular intervals. The contaminants-carrying air gets trapped there, and the warm air gets mixed with clean air and released into space.

You might want to check with your AC technicians when it is time to replace air filters. During periods of high consumption, you may need to replace the filter once a month. Filters can be purchased at home improvement stores and are simple to install.

Dirty filters make the system work harder, which affects its cooling efficiency. Over time, the increasing load on the system creates various problems. The more difficult a system works, the more likely it will get damaged or overheated.

It is therefore good to make sure your filter isn’t dusty or blocked every month to reduce the repair of the air conditioner. If that’s the case, clean it thoroughly and blow it dry. It’s recommended that you change the filter every three months or so. Replace it immediately if it appears to be dirtier than usual, especially if your apartment has dogs.

If the air conditioner filter becomes too dirty, it might freeze and thaw, resulting in water damage. Clean your reusable filter gently with a clean cloth if you have one. Then add some water and some light soap. The filters will assist in purifying the air to the greatest extent possible in order to reduce the cost of maintenance.

Coils Of Air Conditioners

Over time, the evaporator coil and condenser coil in the ACs accumulate dirt. These coils are less likely to become dirty if the filter is thoroughly cleaned. When the system’s heat exchanger collects dirt, various issues arise.

If the surrounding environment is dirty or there is a garden, there is a chance that condenser coils can become unclean. As these are places in the outside unit, it is possible that dirt and debris can come from various places, including your dryer vents and falling leaves.

Airflow around the condenser can be improved by cleaning the area around the coil and eliminating any debris. This, in return, helps in cutting off the maintenance cost of AC and results in less AC repair as well.

Coils Of fins

The aluminum fins of the evaporator and condensing coils are easily bent and can restrict airflow. With the help of a fin comb, one can clean the wings and give them the original size. If the fins work well, the AC system works properly, which in return reduces the cost of air conditioner repair.

Condensate Drainage

A condensate drainage pipe flows from the AC unit inside to the exterior, serving as funnels for the moisture and condensation produced by air conditioner cooling coils while they operate. AC maintenance includes the checking and cleaning of the condensate drainage pipe.

Window Covers For Maintaining Air Conditioners

You can keep rainwater out of the air conditioner by covering it with a fitting cover or plastic sheet when it gets dry.

Regular fan enclosure cleaning is necessary.

Remove the fasteners holding the fan confine in place and reassemble it with a wrench or screwdriver. If there are any leaves or waste inside, vacuum them up or use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to clean them up by hand. If the fins are particularly dirty and the water isn’t cleaning them adequately, you can use a commercial cleaning spray made specifically for this purpose. They’re available at most home improvement stores. When using this product for AC maintenance, read the instructions thoroughly. Good maintenance results in the longevity of the air conditioners.


Remove any trash or dust gathered in or around the AC unit. It’s also wise to turn on the air conditioner before you need it simply to make sure it’s operating properly. If no cool air is being produced, the owner should suspect a problem, such as a lack of compressed air, which could mean the system is leaking. Leaks are usually detectable and sealed by professionals. You must maintain air conditioners regularly in order to avoid worse problems.

Consider hiring expert technicians at EZ Eletric to perform your AC inspection and maintenance to reduce the load in the AC and ensure everything is properly maintained.

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