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Eight Reasons Why You Should Schedule an Annual AC Checkup

Publish Date : August 26, 2022

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Are you aware that there is one system in your home that you take for granted unless it develops a problem? Yes, we are talking about the essential HVAC appliance of your home – the air conditioner. No doubt this system works day and night to make you comfortable and cool, but you often take it for granted. An air conditioner keeps you cool during hot days, but its maintenance is often overlooked.

You indeed have ample work to do in your home and office but if you want to keep your AC system in good condition, going for its annual check-up is very vital. This check-up not only helps the unit to work efficiently but also saves you money in the long run.

You might have these questions in mind: “What does HVAC tune-up include? or What is Included in AC maintenance?”

Top 8 reasons to go for AC annual check-up

Delivers better performance

If you don’t go for an annual check-up of your unit, take a walk around your home and check whether one room is cooler than the other or not. Apart from that, does the overall temperature of the home vary? If yes, it signifies that your AC unit is facing some issues. According to professional AC repair in Carlsbad, if your unit works for longer hours to keep your home cool, the parts of the unit will soon wear out.

Apart from that, the unit will also build up dust because the efficiency of the AC will decline and finally impact the overall performance. In short, you have to pay full price at half cooling. On top of that, if you talk about comfort, you will not get that comfort you are looking for.

So, if you want excellent performance and cooling throughout your home, ensure to go for an annual AC check-up which will also keep your unit in good condition.

Saves your money

This is another crucial reason why you should go for AC yearly check-up and is no doubt worth considering. That means that if you operate a dirty air conditioner in the summer or spring season, your utility bills will be high as coils are blocked, and the home will not get proper airflow. Because of this reason, the system has to work for a longer period of time, and the house will not be as cool as it is supposed to be.

Upon that, as the system has to work longer, it will experience wear and tear, which needs more and more frequent repairs to work correctly. But if you opt for an annual check-up, the professional technician will clean the system and also look for various issues so that it will run at its peak efficiency, which will save you money in the long run. But ensure only to hire AC repairing professionals for the work as they are highly experienced and skilled to make the system efficient.

Check-up reduces the incidences of emergency calls.

Your home unit has to work round the clock to keep your home cool and comfortable according to the outside temperature. With this continuous work, it can indeed develop issues. So, in order to prevent these issues, taking the help of a professional for an annual check-up is the best idea. This process keeps the system in good condition, and due to this, the risk of failure will be next to impossible.

The reason to call a professional for an annual check-up is you might not detect the problem with the system as it is running. But according to experts, if it is not showing any signs, this doesn’t mean there are no issues with the system. But hiring a professional will help you to get rid of future technical problems which you are not expecting.

Extend the life of the unit

When you renovate your home, it is essential to take some steps to protect them so that your money will not get wasted. But why don’t you take this step for your home air conditioners?

That means it is one of the vital electrical appliances that also need annual maintenance to work efficiently and keep the home cool. So, for the better and extended life of your system, make sure to go for an annual check-up of your unit. This step is very crucial to make your investment worthwhile and keep your home comfortable.

Safety comes first

According to experts, if you place safety at the first position, then it is crucial to inspect the system after a long winter and before turning it on in the summer season. Now the question is, why? The reason is the AC is switched off for a long period of time, because of which there might be rodents who have to make their home inside the unit. This is a widespread phenomenon as they take shelter in warmer places during the winter season.

Apart from that, these rodents can also damage some wires and circuitry in the winter season. So, when you turn on your AC after the winter season, due to loose wires, they start to arch and can burn out. Finally, the system can fail. If this is the case, there is a need to Hire an expert eletrician for AC repair

Furthermore, worse is if by chance, the wire is shorted, it can also lead to electrocution, which can be pretty fatal for both the home and the family members.

Decreases the risk of mold and mildew infestation

If the system is efficient, it will indeed generate condensation, because of which the home can become an attic with high moisture. Due to this moisture, the unit will surely take this moisture away from home and channel it away in the form of water.

But if the system is facing some issues, the water will get accumulated around the unit only. Because of system failure, the drain pan can clog and force the system to shut down, keeping safety in mind. However, this accumulated water can seep inside the property, which can welcome mold and mildew growth.

Hiring a professional for the AC yearly check-up will offer you great benefits and will keep your home safe from water damage. They will inspect the whole unit and will do deep cleaning so that even the small spore of mold will be eliminated, making the system safe and efficient.

Helps in improving reliability

The summer heat is quite brutal, and the case becomes worse when you don’t have an efficient air conditioner in your home. That means apart from all other benefits you are getting, it is the AC in the summer season which will keep you comfortable and relaxed if you go for your annual check-up.

So, think of the AC as your car. That means like your car needs regular servicing, the system also works on the same principle. If you don’t keep it clean and tidy, the pressure will surely increase, and it will burn the compressor, which is no doubt an expensive affair.

In order to live with peace of mind, please don’t take your air conditioner for granted and go for its regular maintenance for the best results.

Get high-quality indoor air.

If the air conditioner is not clean or not well-maintained various things can make the indoor air dirty, like mold, dust, dirt, etc. these airborne irritants will enter your home, making it polluted. But the step annual check-up will make sure your home has clean and high-quality indoor air to breathe.

The bottom line

There are various benefits of keeping your system clean and maintained on a regular basis. So, to keep your unit highly efficient, the best performer, and the most cost-effective appliance, schedule air conditioner check-up maintenance annually. To make an appointment with the best AC repairing professional, just give a call to EZ Eletric. They bring years of experience to work and ensure that your unit will be safe and work efficiently without failure.

They are full-service residential AC repairing contractors serving various parts like Orange County, Riverside County, and San Diego. Before taking any final decision, we first inspect the system and then start the repairing part to meet the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Some of the services offered by them are: –

  • Safety inspection of the unit
  • Condenser line and fans cleaning
  • Replacing system filters
  • Lubrication of fans
  • Testing and calibration
  • Replacement of problematic parts

Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.