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Home » Blog » Effective Tips To Prevent Bugs From Coming Through the Air Conditioner

Effective Tips To Prevent Bugs From Coming Through the Air Conditioner

Publish Date : February 15, 2022

Bugs are an essential part of our ecosystem. Without them, decomposition is useless. They serve to break down the food of dead animals depending upon their roles. But they are still the significant enemy of humans if they make access into our homes, creating various problems.

Air conditioners are a vital part of our homes that keep our rooms cool to help us feel relaxed and sweat-free. But it may also bring some hurdles and bugs for you with cool air.

Beas and wasps can give us awful bites, while mosquitoes and fleas can spread diseases. These unasked guests can cause trouble, and we also dislike inviting them. Although the Window air conditioner is installed properly by experts, no such space is left beside it. But the air conditioner has enormous holes to pass the air through and possibly invite bugs and debris to come inside. Since you can call experts of AC repair service in Aliso Viejo, they will sort out all issues in less time. However, there are some points you should remember to stop bugs entering your air conditioner.

How to prevent Bugs From Entering Your House or Air Conditioner?

  • Appropriate Air Conditioner Fitting
  • Checking Air Condenser
  • Window Frame Gap
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Clear Out Leaks and cracks
  • Air Conditioner maintenance
  • Addition of screens
  • Cleaning Rooftop drainage unit
  • Paper Towels
  • New Room

1. Appropriate Air Conditioner Fitting

The top step while installing an Air conditioner is to resist bugs from creeping into the home. Just keep in mind that the air conditioner is directly fitted into the window frame, and keeping some distance away from the apartment’s window is not good as through them bugs can enter.

The head of the windows should be firmly seated against the top of the air conditioner case, and PVC on either side of the air conditioner should be increased and clung against the molding.

Don’t forget to run the air conditioner with filler. It boosts the life of the air conditioner and reduces the appearance of bugs in the house.

2. Checking Air Condenser

Air condensers are the primary source for insects to enter. There is enough humidity near the air condenser as it runs for a long time. Together they act as nourishment and make the perfect home for breeding.

You should examine and look for cracks or holes near the unit. If you find any, immediately fill them with a concrete mixture. If holes are small, block them, which will prevent bugs’ breeding and arrival into apartments. Alternatively, you can connect with the professional air conditioning repair service in Aliso Viejo to solve all these problems.

3. Window Frame Breach

When a hung sash window is open, it leaves a considerable distance between the frame of the bottom and upper glass frame. It is the main point of entry for debris and bugs. Block this part with duct tape and foam air insulation strips to seal the cut.

We can also use a colored tap revolving around the color of your walls or according to your favorite color so that it will suit your interiors.

4. Garden Maintenance

Yards are a good home for bugs, especially mosquitoes, as they love to breed under open water. Removing collected water into your yard is the best solution to prevent the passage of bugs.

It is essential to maintain drainage parts, such as sewers and drains. Keep them away from leaves, grass, and insects so that they can run perfectly. If you use a swimming pool, keep it chlorinated or empty when not in use, and this will stop the hatching of debris eggs.
When cleaning your nursery, do not forget to throw the waste in a dustbin. These places are the finest spots for insects home and can spread illness when they come to home through the air conditioner.

5. Clear Out Leaks And Cracks

Mostly bugs chase for water, especially in the warm season. Moist areas are suitable for bees, insects, cockroaches, and so on. It is advised to keep an eye on the water leaks in or near the house. Leakage invites many diseases like allergies, itchiness, and more.

You should check out all the openings outside or inside your flats, and these openly call the insects to spread harmful diseases. If you find any issue, fix it as soon as possible with the seals or caulks to safeguard you and your home.

6. Regular Maintenance Of Air Conditioner

In case your condenser has leaks, holes, cracks, and another severe issue or not, regular service is a must to tune up the performance before the start of the summer season. Pest control can also help a lot, but AC maintenance is also needed, and this will ensure the unit runs without any problems during hot weather.

Expert technicians will look out for all types of problems. As condenser is a susceptible part for insects debris to enter, they can take advantage of small holes, ducts, and return vents. There is a chance of infections. With good service at ease, you can ensure the elimination of these problems.

7. Addition Of Screens

Most owners depend on ventilation from doors or windows to bring fresh air into rooms, generally in the hot and humid periods. Badly, summertime is the favorite season of debris, fleas, and bugs.

To enjoy natural air without any interruptions of bugs, fit screens on windows and doors. Always select a fine screen to stop annoying debris entry. The installation does not need special tools. You can do it yourself by using nuts to tighten the screen with the help of a screwdriver. It resists almost all types of pests ingress.

8. Cleaning Rooftop Drainage Unit

Bugs gather, especially in damp areas in gutters, tanks, etc. But if you ignore regular cleaning, they will multiply into hundreds and spread many diseases. Wet leaves attract ants, mosquitoes, and other debris. Many people do not love to flush out water from rooftops, gutters, and drain pipes.

However, they are the best attractive spots for bugs to breed there, as it will not take adequate time for their approach into your home.

Plants and shrubs planted on roofs can create a lot of trouble. If these are near the condenser unit, it is a perfect home for insects and mosquitoes. You should plant them while keeping some distance from the system as the space left behind will get dry earliest, so breeding will be stopped.

9. Paper Towels

These paper towels are fitted on both sides of the windowpane, ensuring no gap is left. Simply roll them and put them into holes. For more preciseness, use duct tape to tighten them so that they stick to the windows frame.

10. New Room

You can shift to another room with an air conditioner as this room has fewer bugs in comparison to the preceding one. Seal the holes and add traps and pests to remove them, if any.

These are some effective tips to prevent bugs from entering your air conditioner. Apart from that, you can call professional AC Repair services in Aliso Viejo for care and any kind of restoration as they are highly skilled, experienced, and qualified in this field and will do the work with full satisfaction.

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