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How Do You Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer?

Publish Date : April 1, 2022

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The months of scorching summer are approaching soon, and the temperature will slowly be higher with the time in La Palma. The unbearable heat will force you to switch on your air conditioner so that you feel relaxed and comfortable both day and night. But the things you have to take care of are getting your air conditioner ready for summer.

If you switch on your AC and it doesn’t work on the first day of summer, you will definitely feel frustrated. So, if you don’t want to make this happen, go for quick annual maintenance before summer. Now, if you ask when we can prepare the AC for summer?

So, the answer to this question is the spring season. It is the perfect time to call the professional for air conditioning repair service in La Palma and let them do the needful. Apart from that, you can also go for a do-it-yourself approach to make your AC ready to operate.

Expert Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioning System In Top Working Condition

Here are some of the essential tips to make your AC ready for summer.

1. Clean Or Replace The Air Filters

To make your AC ready for summer, make sure you clean or replace the furnace or air filters if they are clogged with dust. Apart from that, in the summer season, also check them regularly and clean them at least twice a year.

If you don’t, these clogged air filters will restrict the cool air and also reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner unit. Moreover, these clogged air filters also recirculate dust in your home.

2. Check For Any Leakages

Every air conditioner works to turn heat air to cool air in a room if they do not have any leaks. But if there is any leakage in the air conditioner, it will not work as efficiently as it should and also consumes more energy. Moreover, it will not give much cooling when there is some leakage.

However, if you use the AC in this condition for a long time, it will break down. According to the internal data, around 50% of AC breakdown involves gas pressure due to leakage. So, before summer hits your doors, get your AC checked by the professional air conditioning contractors in La Palma.

3. Clean The Air Conditioners’ Condenser Coils

If you want your AC to work efficiently this summer before you start to use it, clean its condenser coils and fan that are clogged with debris. You will get the outdoor condenser unit, which looks like a giant fan designed in a metal box with sides like grilles.

However, if you have covered the condenser unit in winter, uncover it. There are chances there will not be much debris to clear. On the other hand, if it is not covered, you have to clear away various things like leaves, dirt, and debris. After cleaning, ensure that the fan is away from all types of debris.

In addition to that, also check inside the box, as air can clog the coils. If yes, clean them so that the system can work efficiently.

4. Unclog The AC Drain Pipe

When AC doesn’t work for many days, the AC’s drain pipe, which removes moisture from the indoor unit, gets clogged. Due to this, it can result in standing water and a moldy smell. However, if the drainpipe is not blocked, you must also clean it at least once a year, especially before the summer starts so that AC will work efficiently.

Remember one thing – for cleaning the drainpipe, you should only use a stiff brush with warm water.

5. Check The Coolant Lines

There are pipe or refrigerant tubes that run from the indoor to the outdoor. All these lines are usually covered with foam coolant line insulation for safety. So, before the summer season arrives, ensure that you check that foam on the tube; if it is missing or frayed, replace it with new insulation sleeves.

6. Clean The Outdoor Unit

The AC’s indoor unit is located outside the window, and in split ACs, it is on the terrace. It has a condenser coil, compressor, and fan. Since the unit is placed outside in the open, it will get dirty with time and very quickly.

However, these outdoor units are designed to work well even in challenging situations, but if you clean the unit before summer, it will work more efficiently.

7. Go For Stable Temperature Setting

According to the weather condition in La Palma in summer, find the appropriate temperature and stick to it. The reason is lower the temperature setting; the unit has to work more or harder. So, you can take the help of a programmable thermostat to keep the home temperature comfortable all the way long.

Regarding this, remember that if your home is sultry, do not set the thermostat setting to the lowest. Instead, go for an average temperature as the lower temperature can stress the AC.

8. Clear The Area Around The Unit

Various things like debris, shrubs, and plants can build up around the condenser unit with the passing time; they can hamper airflow. So, make sure you clean the area around the unit to operate efficiently. Moreover, also clear the surrounding objects, which can hinder the airflow.

In addition to that, do not press against the back of the unit. It can cause the compressor to overheat.

9. Replace The Batteries Of The Remote

Many homeowners in La Palma has installed ACs in their home, which remains off throughout winter. When the summer comes, they turn on their AC to check whether it is working fine or not. Their AC’s remote control often doesn’t work because the batteries are not charged.

So, if you are also one who has faced this issue before when the summer comes, make sure you replace the batteries when you are checking your AC’s functioning.

10. Test The Unit Before Summer Arrives

After you clean your unit and when it dries completely, make sure you test the air conditioner whether it is working fine or not. For that, you need to turn on the condenser unit and switch it off after checking. However, if you notice any of the problems while it is running, make sure to call a professional air conditioning service in La Palma as they will check the unit and repair it.

The Bottom Line

Air conditioners these days have become ubiquitous appliances in almost every home due to their affordable price. Apart from that, everyone likes to live a comfortable and relaxed life in the summer season because they want AC in their houses. But the thing is, many people don’t know how to maintain their air conditioners, or they don’t learn how to ready the AC for the upcoming summer season to work efficiently?

But through this post, you are aware of the problems if you do not get your AC ready before summer arrives. Moreover, if you face any problem with your air conditioner, you can contact professional air conditioning repair services in La Palma. They are highly experienced, skilled, and qualified enough to repair your AC at an affordable price.

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