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Electrical Emergencies Checklist and How to Resolve Them?

Publish Date : September 20, 2022

Electrical Emergencies Resolve by Professional

Electricity is one of the significant prerequisites in order to live a comfortable and relaxed life. In short, it is a must-have thing in the modern world, but it also comes with an end number of risks and potential hazards. That means every small thing that runs with electricity can cause a fire and result in an electrical emergency.

According to one report, every year, around 51,000 homes suffer from an electrical fire, and out of these cases, almost 500 people die, and around 1,400 get injured. Experts say that electrical fires can be easily avoided, but for that, you have to take some essential steps.

However, if you want to avoid this emergency, you must maintain your home’s electrical appliances. An electrical fire or electric shock can put your family at risk, so you must have a plan in place and know what to do in case of any electrical emergency.

Steps to take in case of an electrical emergency or electrical safety audit checklist

Power outage

Power outages are also known as power failures or blackouts. There are various reasons for this problem like such a storm, shortage of energy, downed power line, etc. Power outage issue is both irritating and dangerous if not attended to on time. Things to do in a power outage: –

  • First of all, turn off the primary electricity source which is powered via a circuit breaker. Apart from that, make sure to turn off all the branches from the main circuit breaker. This way, all your home electrical appliances and switches are protected.
  • After that, your first step would be to check the source, which means a power outage can be due to a tripped circuit breaker. In short, most of the time, circuit breakers get tripped when there is an overload. However, the reason for this overload is that many electrical appliances are plugged into one outlet. Well, if this is the case, distribute the load once the power is back.
  • If this is not the case, then it could be due to faulty wiring. So, check your home wiring for wear and tear. Again if this is not the case, the power outage is due to voltage fluctuation, or there is some issue with the breaker. In order to confirm, ensure to call a professional electrical contractor.
  • Moreover, in some cases, the issue is from the electricity distributor side. So, call them and check whether they are doing something from their side.
  • Once the power comes after the problem of a power outage, ensure to wait for a few minutes and then turn on all the electrical appliances as power fluctuations can damage the appliances.

Dangling or fallen power lines

The fallen or dangling power lines is another threat to life. This issue occurs when there is a storm in your area. Some of the steps to be taken in case of fallen power lines are: –

  • The fallen sometimes have current, so you must stay away from them for safety reasons. That means maintaining a safe distance of around 40 feet from the fallen lines. Apart from that, if there are any metal fences or vehicles or puddles around the fallen lines, then these things pose an electrical hazard.
  • Make sure you do not touch any objects that come in the way of a fallen object like a tree, etc.
  • As soon as possible, inform the local authorities about the incident as it needs immediate attention and a solution.

Electrical fire

Electrical fire in homes is a prevalent issue that occurs due to many reasons. Some causes of electrical fire are overloading, faulty wiring, and the proximity of flammable objects near the lights. However, in case your home faces the issue of an electrical fire, then you should follow the below steps which will help you to lower the damage.

  • First, ensure that you cut the main power supply of your home. This step will stop the fire as soon as possible, and there will be no risk of electrical shocks to the family members.
  • After that, if you own a fire extinguisher, use a Class-C extinguisher to stop the fire from home. For the best result, ensure to use the fire extinguisher till the fire stops or a certified electrical inspector in Santa Ana comes for help. Apart from that, sometimes, if you use dry sand, then it will also stop the fire from spreading.
  • Make sure you vacate the site or home immediately so the fire station team can start the work. In this step, if you are not at home, it means you are somewhere else; then help others vacate the site. Follow the plan as each site has a proper exit plan in case of fire.

Electrical shocks

Electrical shocks in homes are caused due to frayed wires, damaged cords, the electrical outlets of the home are unchecked, etc. When anyone accidently touches or comes in contact with such wires or cords, they could get an electric shock.

Follow these steps to prevent you and your home from fire.

  • Ensure to turn off the main power supply of the home. However, if any person comes in contact with electrocution, switch off the power supply with the help of an insuralted item.
  • If any individuals come in direct contact with the electricity, make sure not to touch that person in any condition. Stay calm and cut the contact between the source of electricity and the individual with the help of a wooden rod, a PVC pipe, or any other insulated item
  • In this case, calling the local emergency service will be a wise decision. The reason is they are trained and experienced enough to handle the situation and will offer you the right direction till they reach the spot.
  • When there is an electrical issue, ensure to turn off the main breaker and the branch circuits. This step will cut off the power supply to all the electrical appliances.

Tips for electrical safety at home

Many individuals live with an end number of electrical hazards at home. That’s why every adult member of the family must know electrical safety tips by which they can prevent electrical hazards. So, let’s find out some of the electricity safety tips for your home: –

  1. Make sure you must repair or replace all the damaged, cracked, loose, faulty power cords. This will prevent serious hazards related to electricity.
  2. Every home these days has many electrical appliances, so make sure not to overload outlets while using the appliances.
  3. As water exposure can lead to electricity issues, keep all the electrical appliances away from the source of water to keep the potential risk away.
  4. Make sure you unplug all the electrical appliances when not in use.
  5. Due to normal wear and tear, the old electrical appliances can develop ground issues, so ensure to replace two-pronged plugs.
  6. Make sure you use the appropriate wattage for fixtures and lamps.

The bottom line

These are some of the best practices by which you can prevent your home from electrical emergencies. So, make sure to keep all the above things in mind and apply them when any emergency occurs.

Apart from that, make sure you go for a residential electrical inspection checklist template from time to time so that any of the above electrical emergencies will not occur. There are a number of benefits of electrical inspection that will help you to prevent electrical hazards. For this inspection, always hire the best electrical safety analyze as they have enough experience, skills, and qualifications for the work.

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