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Home » Blog » What are the benefits of choosing split AC over Window AC?

What are the benefits of choosing split AC over Window AC?

Publish Date : July 26, 2022

benefits of choosing split AC over Window AC

These days summer is in full on flow because of which you cannot take a relaxed breath without a good air conditioner, which in turn delivers excellent profit to the people in the business of AC. But still, most people are confused about whether to go for split AC or Window AC for the best result.

According to AC installation experts, the result will wholly depend upon what you exactly want in your home. That means these days’ people love things that make their home décor attractive, appealing, and most important, consume less energy. So, in this regard, split AC is one of the best options that complement modern technology and takes less energy.

On the other hand, many folks think that window AC is the best option for various reasons. But if you want to make your investment worth let’s discuss the advantages of split AC over window AC.

Split AC

Split AC has two parts, outdoor and indoor units, which keeps the home comfortable and relaxed for a long period of time. They are mounted on the wall and go best for large rooms as their cooling capacity. Apart from that, they don’t need any window for the installation and have a compressor and condenser in both outdoor and indoor units. For best cooling, the compressor is placed in the outdoor unit, and the evaporator is placed in the indoor unit, which helps in cooling the home.

Window AC

Window AC is a single-piece compact unit with all the vital components like an evaporator, cooling coil, compressor, expansion valve, etc. that keep the home cool and relaxed. However, the best part of this AC is that it is pocket-friendly and needs much less maintenance. They are installed in a window where one face is installed inside and the back side outside.

Difference between split AC and Window AC

FactorsSplit ACWindow AC
Cost of ACHigh30-40% cheaper
Cost of MaintenanceHigherVery Low
Ease of InstallationDifficultVery Easy
Inverter TechnologyDual & Triple Inverter ACs availableVery few Inverter AC
Ease of RepairingDifficultEasy
Turbo CoolingPresent in Inverter ACsNot present

After reading about both types of AC, let’s compare both of them by which you will come to know which one is best.

Design of the AC

If you talk about both types of AC, split AC comes in various designs and patterns that can easily change the overall look of the room or house. But if you talk about Window AC, they come in one white shade.

Apart from that, types of split AC need professionals for its installation for which you have to give some extra charges as compared to Window AC. However, if you are living in an apartment or flat, it is best to choose split AC.

Moreover, if you talk about Window AC, they are quite easy to install and can be installed yourself with the help of videos. Furthermore, they can be quickly moved from one place to another. In short, both split and window AC have advantages and disadvantages.

Split AC produces very less noise as compared to window AC

Talking about the noise, the split AC indoor unit is quiet, but the exterior unit produces significant noise. But if you buy the top quality split AC their outdoor unit doesn’t produce noise. According to the experts in Air conditioning repair, the noise level that split AC generates ranges from 25 to 45 decibels, but window AC noise begins at 40 decibels.

Window AC installed in homes generates lots of noise and vibrates while working, which disturbs the family members. So, if you want your home quiet and need relaxed sleep, split AC is the best choice.

Price matters a lot

Price is another factor that creates a difference between the two. That means every individual buys AC depending upon the budget they have. In short, if your budget is low, going for window AC is the best choice as window AC is the cheaper variant. However, Split AC comes at a high price because it has a high cooling capacity.

Split AC can be installed in any room.

How is split AC installed? This is one of the big questions that most people ask, but not to worry, its installation is somewhat tricky and needs professionalism. Split AC these days is the top choice among people as they are easily installed in any room and have the best cooling capacity. But if you talk about Window AC, they can only be installed in any room with a window. But if there is no opening window, AC cannot be installed in that house.

Uses advanced inverter technology

Split AC these days comes with inverter technology which helps the compressor of the AC to run at variable speed and takes less power. Apart from that, this advanced technology also increases or decreases the cooling depending upon the room’s temperature. Due to this reason, the AC will consume less energy, so your electricity bill will be low.

So, before you buy any of the AC for your home, opt for an inverter technology system to save your hard-earned money, which more comes in Split AC.

Have more cooling capacity

Basically, the capacity of cooling depends upon the tonnage of the system. That means you know that split ACs are mounted high and well designed to cool ample space. But if you talk about Window AC, they are best for small rooms. So, if you own a large room or want to install a unit to cover a big area, go for a split one.

Delivers the best look to your home

The split AC units are small in size as they are divided into two parts that are outdoor and indoor. Because of this reason, they look more attractive and can quickly enhance the house’s overall look. On the other hand, if you talk about window AC, they look like a big box, and they need one window in the room where it has to be installed.

Maintenance and serviceability

If you compare maintenance between the two units, then it is a no-brainer. That means you know that window AC is just one unit and will take less time to service. However, split AC comes with two parts, which become tougher to service and need regular maintenance for the best result.

The bottom line

In the above comparison, you know about both types of ACs, and now it’s your turn to make the final decision so that you can take the best results. Apart from that if you are also looking at which consumes more electricity window AC or Split AC then also the above points are essential for you. So, before you buy any split AC or window, go through the above points so that your money will be worth the investment. Apart from that, if you want professional help buying the best AC, you can contact EZ Eletric, as they are the top-notch experts in maintaining, servicing, and repairing AC.

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