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4 Causes Your Air Conditioner Might Be Overheating And How To Fix It?

Publish Date : August 23, 2022

An Overheated Ac Repairing by professionals

The air conditioner is one of the essential electrical appliances in almost every home. Like previous days, it is no longer a luxurious item but common to most homes across the US. In the summers, it offers excellent comfort and relaxation.

But if you need that comfort, you must maintain your AC regularly so that you will not have an AC breakdown when you most need it. If an AC is not well-maintained, there is a risk of overheating because the system stops working, and you have to live in scorching heat inside your home.

When the unit overheats, the AC will stop working and trip the circuit breaker and will not work after that till you fix the issue by calling a professional air conditioner repair in Aliso Viejo company.

Now the questions arise: what are the reasons for the air conditioner overheating, or why is my AC compressor overheating and shutting off?

So, let’s discuss answers to the question – “why does my air conditioner turn off by itself?”

Dirty or clogged air filters

The air conditioner air filters play an essential role in keeping dust and debris from getting inside the unit so that the unit will not be less efficient.

In short, they are considered vital components of the air conditioner. Keeping all the pollutants out also ensures that you will only breathe fresh air.

But with time, these air filters clog with dust, debris, and airborne particles, restricting the unit’s airflow. In this case, the system will run for a longer period to offer cool air, and this process will continue until the unit breaks down; it will overheat and trip the circuit breaker.

How to fix this issue?

To solve this issue, you must check your air filters every 30 days to ensure they are not clogged with dust and debris. However, these days with the advancement of technology, disposable filters are also coming, which can take up to 90 days but ensure to keep a keen eye on the filters.

You need to change air filters more frequently if you have: –

  • Own pets
  • A family member who smokes indoor
  • Your family has lots of members
  • Have just completed a home renovation or construction work

Apart from that, if you don’t want to follow the do-it-yourself approach, then you must call a licensed air conditioner repair or an air conditioning installation professional for the work. They will also advise you which air filter is the best to use according to your home needs.

Dirty condenser coils

The unit’s condenser coils are located outdoors and look like tubes filled with refrigerant. Their main work is to condense the vaporized refrigerant back to liquid, transferring heat away from the system. However, with time, these condenser coils are covered with dust and dirt because the AC has to run for a longer period to cool the home.

Moreover, when this happens, all the heat collecting near the condenser coils will not get released, and the system overheats.

The unit stops working when it overheats and cannot reach the desired temperature.

How to fix this issue?

Well, don’t try to do DIY jobs to fix this issue; otherwise, you can offer more damage to your air conditioner. When the point is of system condenser coils, always rely on an air conditioner repair professional. Apart from that, you can also clean the unit with a special coil cleaning spray; if still, it’s not working, then the technician will go for annual maintenance in which they clean the condenser coil deeply so that the issue will not prevail in the future.

Moreover, also advise you to go for regular system maintenance for the best result.

Refrigerant leak

Every AC needs an adequate amount of refrigerant to keep the home cool for longer. The primary function of refrigerants is to remove heat from the air and make it cool according to the desired temperature. If your system doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it will cause the unit to run constantly, and finally, it will get overheated.

Some of the common signs of a low refrigerant leak are:-

  • The outside unit of the AC is wholly covered with ice
  • Home is not being cool as it is supposed to
  • The system takes much time to cool the house

However, if you notice these above signs, your unit lacks refrigerant.

How to fix this issue?

The solution to refrigerant leaks is to contact a professional air conditioner company as they very well know how to handle the problem quickly. This issue also needs a specialized person who has undergone proper training in AC units. So, always call a professional individual to make your system in working condition.

Lacking proper maintenance

Every electrical appliance, whether small or big, needs proper care for the best result. That means if you keep a keen eye on your AC unit from time to time, your system will face less issues. It is true that machines can wear and tear anytime, but they will not create a mess now and then if you offer proper care to them.

How to fix this issue?

The only way to keep your system in working condition is to inspect the system regularly to check for various leaks or any other issues. On the other hand, always call a certified and learn how to do air conditioner repair or air conditioning installation professional for its service as they will inspect the system and solve the minor problems which can become big in the future and will take your money.

Well, the above discussion is all about the causes of why the system gets overheated and shuts down. According to experts, people ask various questions when technicians come to their homes. However, they are pretty similar to the above problem, but still, they are essential to answer. So, let’s those questions: –

How to fix a short cycling air conditioner?

The causes of short cycling are the same as when the system gets overheated, which we have discussed above. However, if you talk about a solution, calling the technician is the best idea as they will first inspect the whole unit and then offer a solution. This step will improve the unit’s performance and will indeed reduce your energy bill.

How to fix a frozen AC unit or how to fix an air conditioner?

If your AC unit has ice build-up, then there are chances your system thermostat setting is not up to the mark. Apart from that, various other causes build ice in the unit. Well, this problem needs the attention of a professional, but you can try some of the things on your own. They are: –

  • Check the vent filters. If they are clogged, clean them and see if this solves the problem.
  • The second option is to inspect the coils and fins which are there around the evaporator. If they are dirty, take the help of a soft brush and clean the dust and debris from them.
  • Also, check the coolant level as it will restrict the pressure and cooling efficiency, which causes the unit to freeze.
  • Reset the power to check whether the above things you have done are successful. If still, the system is offering warm air, then it’s best to call the technician to do the needful.

How to cool down an overheated compressor?

Well, the overheating of the compressor is due to various reasons like dirty condenser coils, refrigerant leaks, voltage issues, etc. However, if you don’t want your compressor to overheat, ensure to take care of the above issues you have read in the above discussion. The compressor of the unit is an essential part that keeps the home cool in the summer season, so take care of the compressor of the unit by keeping an eye on the issues.

The bottom line

These are some reasons that cause your air conditioner to overheat and stop working. So, if your unit is facing such issues, calling a professional air conditioner repair individual is the wise decision. Get in touch with the best pros in your area, like EZ Eletric, as they cater to all your electrical needs efficiently without any extra charges.

Over the years, they have served San Diego, Riverside County, and Orange County in the best possible way. The professionals of EZ Eletric are bonded, insured, and licensed electricians who offer inspection, repair, and upgrade for all your electrical systems professionally and timely.

So, if your unit faces issues directly, call EZ Eletric’s one-stop solution for all your needs.

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