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Tips to keep your air conditioner in good working order for a long time

Publish Date : September 16, 2022

Again summer has arrived, and the heat from the sun is making us uncomfortable every day. The atmosphere outside is now getting warmer and warmer than before due to high UV rays. In this scenario, there is only one thing that can save us from this scorching heat, the air conditioner.

These days ACs are one of the essential electrical appliances in almost every home as it keeps the home atmosphere cool. But many homeowners ask which air conditioner is best for home use? According to experts, it wholly depends upon many factors like room size, insulation, etc.

But due to some reason, if it stops working, it can be highly inconvenient, especially when the humidity level is very high. But the most vital thing about an air conditioner is its maintenance. If you are not in the habit of maintaining your system, it will not run efficiently and also wear out frequently, and you have to call a professional for air conditioning repair in Escondido. That means the air conditioner maintenance schedule and timely service is essential if you want it will be in good working order for an extended period of time.

Now the question arises how to keep the air conditioner in good condition so that it will work efficiently for a longer period of time?

So, for that, you have to follow the right measures to ensure the AC system stays in good condition. Let’s get started: –

Clean the filters regularly

The air filter of the unit gets easily covered with dust, dirt, and debris with time. When air filters get clogged, they will offer loud noise as it is not able to deliver an exemplary flow of air. So, if you want the system to work efficiently for an extended period of time, ensure to clean the filters every three months or, if needed, replace them with a new one.

However, you can replace or clean the air filters yourself, or you can call the AC maintenance service professional for the work.

Apart from that, if you find that the air filters of the system are disposable, then don’t forget to replace the filters for high performance.

Ensure to clean the coils

The coils of the air conditioners help the refrigerant absorb the overall heat and cool the room. With time these coils also get insulated with dust particles which automatically reduces the capability to absorb heat. If this situation occurs, the system has to work hard to maintain the room temperature.

However, due to dirty coils, sometimes the system stops working. Thus, cleaning the system coils from time to time to avoid such a situation. Moreover, don’t try to clean the coils as they are sharp and harm you. So, for that, call a commercial air conditioning repair professional for periodic maintenance.

Remove all obstacles from the outside unit.

If you have split AC in your home, then make sure to keep the outside unit clean and free from debris. If you don’t clean it, you can see a big difference in its overall efficiency. The outside unit is prone to various things like leaves, twigs, dirt, and pollen, reducing the unit’s performance.

However, if you want to protect the unit from all the above things, you have to take the help of metal grates and make sure to make it susceptible to damage. Moreover, if you don’t go for metal grates, then to clean your outside unit read the owner’s manual or contact the professional AC repair person to do the needful.

Keep the system cool and protected.

If you want your system to work efficiently and deliver optimum cooling according to the outside temperature, then prevent the system from placing in direct sunlight or any other appliance that generates heat. Apart from that, take the help of heavy blinds and drapes indoors and ensure to place the unit in a shady tree or where there is no direct sunlight for protection.

Turn on the ceiling fan along with the air conditioner.

If you are looking forward to saving energy and want your room to be cool, turn on the ceiling fan when AC is in use. The reason is quite simple. If you turn on the fan, it will circulate the cool air in the whole room. This step will cool the hot air faster, and it will also extend the lifespan of the unit.

Check the condenser unit fan.

The condenser unit fan plays an essential role in keeping system performance high, and it also helps in cooling down the refrigerant gas. If the condenser coil is not working correctly, the AC will not cool the room. However, if you hear any weird noise coming from the system, then there is a possibility that the condenser coil is faulty.

In this case, calling a professional air conditioning preventive maintenance is a good idea as they will inspect the unit and fix the issues.

Clean the drain line

Apart from cooling hot air, the AC will also help in removing humidity from the air. When the unit is on, the system collects the humidity in the form of water and moves it outside through a drain. However, with time, the drain can block and can overflow, which can cause severe damage to the unit if not attended to on time.

So, ensure to clean the drain line from time to time which you can also do yourself by pouring a cup of chlorine inside the drain and, after that, one gallon of water. If you don’t want to go for a do-it-yourself approach, then call the professional for the job.

Inspect the air ducts regularly

The ducts of the AC or HVAC system quickly push the heat outside the home. If by chance there are leaks, gaps, loose seams, or any obstructions in the ductwork, the cool air will escape before reaching the room or house. If this is the case, the AC has to work harder and sometimes stops working.

So, for the best result, check the air ducts regularly. If you find any fault, repair it as soon as possible.

Buy a smart thermostat.

These days smart thermostats are coming into the market that helps in reducing high electricity bills. If you ask why they are called smart, then the answer is they can easily understand the right temperature needed for the room and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Apart from that, these thermostats don’t need any manual programming as they are automatically set according to the temperature.

Offer optimum space for the AC.

When the point is of installing the system, ensure to offer optimum space as it offers various benefits to the homeowner. That means if the surrounding area of the system while installing the system is clear, the airflow will be smooth all around the room, and there will be no blockage.

So, make sure to install the inside and outside units in a spacious area. That means it must be free from pillars, walls, and other blockages. For more details, it is best to call the professional for the installation as they do all these things better, which will also keep the system in good condition for a long period of time.

Go for regular professional maintenance.

The professional maintenance of the AC not only helps in reducing energy bills rather prevents frequent breakdowns, especially in the summer season. So, if you call the professional for servicing, they will examine the unit and fix the issues that the system is facing, which can become severe with time.

If you do so, it will enhance the overall efficiency of the unit and will offer the utmost comfort to the family members.

The bottom line

These are some of the tips of the air conditioner which help in keeping the unit in good condition for an extended period of time. Is it necessary to service AC every year or twice a year? Yes! But ensure only to call air conditioning repair professionals as they know all the small and big things which will keep the system in good condition.

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