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Easy Smoke Detectors Maintenance Tips for True Home Safety

Publish Date : March 7, 2022

A smoke detector is a gadget that detects smoke, mostly a fire sign. Commercial smoke detectors raise a signal to a fire warning panel as a segment of the fire alarm unit. Home smoke radars are also called smoke alarms, a recognizable and visible alarm from the radar itself or if many detectors are combined.

Some detectors are normally enclosed in the plastic case, frequently shaped like a disk of approximately 6 inches in diameter and 1 inch in thickness, but the size and shapes may differ.

Home smoke detectors range from a single battery-powered component to too many joined groups with a reserve battery. Smoke detectors have interconnected units, and hence if one receives the smoke, the whole alarms unit will trigger. However, this may happen when the power is away. Thus, call smoke detector repair professionals in San Diego to change or repair smoke alarms as they reach you in very little time to offer the best maintenance of smoke detectors.

5 Reasons Behind The False Alarm:

Here are 5 causes that are responsible for smoke alarm failure.

Smoke Radar Position:

Smoke detectors take a short time to ring the alarm. If your smog radar is near the kitchen appliances such as gas, toaster, or oven, this may lead to triggering a false alarm.

Some advanced high-tech photoelectric alarms are so smart as they can sense the instant rise in temperature.

Fixing an alarm near the door or windows is the primary cause of repeatedly wrong alarms. It can be an issue behind the missing alarm, as dust can interfere with the sensors.

High Moisture:

High humidity carries small moisture particles that the smoke detector may get confused with the smoke elements. In some instances, the air is enough to spread the light beam of photoelectric radar or disturb the ions of the ionization detector.

A similar concept lies in the steam. If your hot shower room is near the smoke detectors, it’s better to move the room aside to prevent constant alarms.

Batteries Replacement:

Your smoke alarm releases a bad, extended noise or constant beeps. If you find smoke radar is beeping rapidly, it’s time to change the unit’s batteries. Choose an alarm that runs continuously for long life.

Robust Chemicals:

Smoke detectors are more delicate to the elements in the air that are spread due to harsh smelling chemicals. If your house is renovating, deep cleaning, or using strong chemicals, this may be the cause of the wrong alarm.

Disturbing Insects:

Have a check of your smoke detectors. Do you notice the chamber where smoke can enter? The cavity is just big enough to fit small insects.

Mistakenly, they can ring the false alarm if they enter the chamber. You can check the presence of insects by opening the unit.

Testing Of Smoke Radar Sensitivity:

  • Purchase some graded smoke detector test spray. Follow all instructions provided with the product to ensure proper testing.
  • You can use the testing kit provided by the manufacturing company. Follow all the instructions provided on the panel.
  • Take the help of an expert to have a test on the fire alarm system.

How To Terminate False Alarms?

If you are sure there is no emergency and your smog radar is beeping, it means they have a faulty alarm.

Retain Your Alarm Silent:

Turn off your unit’s test or silence switch to stop unnecessary alarms. By applying this technique, you are making the alarm soundless, and it will be too easy to sense any error, creating a false alarm. If you cannot find the button, check out the reader guide offered by the manufacturer.

Examine Possible Fixes:

Various reasons, like dust elements in the unit or steam from the bathroom, may be the reason behind false alarms.

Wipe Off The Unit:

To prevent wrong alarms, check for insects, dust, and debris in the sensor part. The inner part of the unit can be dirty because of the spider’s debris, dust, and webs. Vacuum cleaner and compressed air can clean the detectors.

Also, remember you should install the units at a distance from the showers, furnaces, and fireplaces.

Electricity Issues:

Disconnection or changing grids can also cause false alarms. In addition, free connections of wires can decouple the power supply of the smoke detector.

When the power is back, it can ring the alarm. To overcome this scenario, hiring an expert technician is the best choice.

Replace Alarm Unit:

Check all the alarms. If they are 10 years old, immediately replace them with new ones to prevent any alarm failure.

Some Tips For Maintenance Of Smoke Detector

Smoke alarms will need various types of maintenance from time to time to ensure they perform well. We should replace smoke detectors after 10 years. You can take the help of compressed air or vacuum cleaner every year to remove dust as it contributes to them becoming faulty.

Stop using long-life batteries and change them 1 time a year. Long-life batteries should be used in old smoke detectors as they become ineffective.

Batteries & Expiry Dates

Batteries should be checked regularly to ensure the best performance of smoke detectors. You should keep the expiry dates of detectors in mind as some detectors will continue for 10 years while some for a year only.

Never forget to change the smoke detector after its life is over.

Smoke alarms are defined to ring the false alarm. There are many possibilities behind this, like the collection of dust, debris, and faulty connections.

Because of this, they may fail to trigger the real alarm when there is a real fire, and it can be a severe issue if not noticed in time.
Therefore, proper smoke alarm maintenance is needed to keep smoke detectors running effectively and, in return, keep our home safe.

Cleaning Smoke Detectors

Every month, use a clean cloth to clean the smoke detectors. The inner part of the detector should be cleaned using compressed air. Or you can remove the screws and clean them with the vacuum cleaner. Then close the unit and check if it is working by pressing the buttons.

Replace Smoke Alarms When They Are 10 Years Old

Everyone forgets to replace their smoke alarms once they reach their life expectancy because they don’t know about it. However, if you don’t know how old your smoke detector is, look on the backside of the detector for the manufacturer’s date.

Moreover, if you don’t find any date on the backside, replace the alarms.

Perform Power Tests Monthly

Some smart detectors are self-testing, but it is good to manually test the detectors at least once a month. For this, you have to push the smoke detectors test button and verify that the sensors are operational. Also, ensure that the alarm sounds are at the optimal volume.
Moreover, if you have installed fire alarms in various areas of your home where you cannot reach easily, take some precautions when testing.

Thoroughly Clean Your Detectors At Least Once A Year

Both dust and pollutants can impede the performance of the smoke detectors, so make sure to keep them clean. You can go for light dusting almost every day by which exterior dust can be cleaned but go for deeper cleaning annually.

You have to take the device off from the wall or ceiling, remove the power, and slowly take off the external casing. After that, carefully clean collected dust with the help of a vacuum or a dry cloth, but ensure not to use liquid sprays or cleaners.

Once all dust is cleaned again, reassemble the detector and place it back to its position.

The Bottom Line

Keep the above points in mind to prevent the failure of smoke detectors, or follow the maintenance tips of smoke detectors which we have discussed above. Apart from that, if you don’t want to go for a do-it-yourself approach, then contact smoke detectors repair professionals in San Diego.

However, if you are looking for the best solution, then EZ Eletric’s smoke detector repair service in San Diego is the right choice as they offer their services at an affordable price. Moreover, their professionals are highly skilled, experienced, and qualified enough for this work who do every work with satisfaction.

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