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Remodel Your Kitchen & Bathroom with Recessed Light Installation

Publish Date : September 30, 2022

Kitchen and bathroom with proper light installation

These days recessed lights are one of the top-notch features for homeowners and also interior designers. Recessed lighting gives your interiors an appealing look in addition to other advantages.

If you talk about the kitchen, adding recessed lighting can transform how your kitchen looks. They deliver the perfect atmosphere for working in the kitchen, as your eyes are not exposed to harsh lighting frequently. There are many such reasons why recessed lighting is becoming a popular choice for kitchen lighting remodeling.

So, let’s know everything about recessed lighting and how to remodel recessed lighting in San Diego to make them amazing and attractive.

What is recessed lighting installation?

Recessed lights, also called can lights, are getting popular these days. These are light fixtures that are installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. When they are switched on, light shines from a hole in the ceiling in a downward direction. Depending on the voltage, it can be used as a broad floodlight or narrow spotlight.

Recessed lighting fixtures comprise housing, trim and bulb. The housing is the fixture itself. It contains the lamp holder and is installed in the ceiling. The trim refers to the insert and the thin lining around the edge of the light. Many types of bulbs can be fit in these recessed lighting fixtures, depending on your lighting needs and energy efficiency goals.

Benefits of recessed lights in the kitchen

Recessed lights have many benefits, especially in the kitchen.

Offers a simple and sleek appearance

Recessed lights hang above the ceiling plane. You are not bothered by mounted fixtures. It makes your kitchen appear more spacious.

Delivers equal light throughout the room

If you want equal light in the whole kitchen, then recessed lights are one of the best options. With ordinary bulbs, light may not get dispersed evenly in the whole space, which makes the kitchen’s perimeter dimmer than the place where there is light. In this case, recessed lights are the solution that will keep the space brighter.

Best for low ceilings

If your kitchen ceiling is low, these recessed lights are one of the best options to make the place attractive and amazing. You do not have to worry about decreasing the space by mounting different lighting fixtures.

Offers strategic lighting options

Recessed lighting also offers you the choice of concentrated lighting, making this option perfect for offering strategic and focal lighting.

Comes in a variety of styles

This is one of the big advantages of recessed lights. You will be able to find the ideal choice for your kitchen.

Energy-efficient options

You can find many energy-efficient recessed lighting options. Find out all details from your electrical contractor. Ask questions: “How many recessed lights in kitchen are needed?” or “How can I make my kitchen lighting remodel energy efficient, and how much energy savings can I get?”


Find out from a residential electrician how to ensure maximum safety. There are many options that offer better safety.

What to look for while buying recessed lighting?

Before you buy recessed lights, you must take note of the below specifications so that your money will not go in vain.

The brightness of the lighting

If you talk about the brightness of LED recessed lights, they are measured in lumens which is different from watts, which measure the amount of energy in a lighting product. Some LEDs are more efficient than others as they take fewer watts to produce the same lumens. If you are wondering, “how many recessed lights do I need in my kitchen?” or “how many lumens should that be? A general guideline is 30-40 lumens-per-square-foot for the dining room and for the ambient layer in the kitchen.

Beam angle

The LED beam angle is where the overall concentration is around 50% or more. Many LED recessed lights have a wide beam angle, which is around 90 degrees. This angle spreads light evenly across a space. According to lightning installation experts, a wider angle of light also translates to an excessive layer of light. Think about how much light you need before choosing a lighting fixture.

Quality of light

The quality of light is measured in a CRI called Color Rendering Index. It is the ability of light to display shades accurately compared to the ideal or natural light sources. So, while you are buying recessed lights for the kitchen, ensure to go for LEDs with a high CRI that is 90 or higher.

Size of recessed light

If you talk about LED recessed lights for the kitchen, they range from 2 inches to 6 inches. However, some homes install a combination of 4 inches and 6-inch lights, and no doubt most people select this size for their kitchen.

Types of recessed lighting trim

The design of your recessed light fixtures depends upon the type of trim you choose for your kitchen. Some of the most common trim options are as follows: –

Baffle trim

Baffle trim is one of the common choices in recessed lighting. It has ridges around the trim that easily absorbs some of the light and, as a result, reduces glare.

Shower trim

It is also called lensed trim. The shower trim has a lens over the light that protects it from excess moisture. This trim is best for bathrooms and kitchens.

Decorative trim

Any trim that contains some extra design into the recessed lighting falls in this category.

Reflector trim

If you want some extra light than the recessed light offers, then reflector trim is the best as it maximizes the amount of light.

Square trim

As the name suggests, this trim comes in a square shape.

Eyeball trim

It is also called adjustable or directional trim. This trim allows you to change the direction of the light according to your needs.

Pinhole trims

If you love dramatic light, then pinhole trims are one of the best options. That means this trim easily covers all light except a central sphere like a pinhole camera.

Wall wash trim

This trim has a small lid over half of the light so that illumination is focused in a specific direction. This type of light is best when you want the light on anything specific, like a painting or an antique piece.Remodel recessed lighting these days is the best idea for people who want their kitchen to look modern and luxurious. Consult a lighting installation expert. Discuss ideas for replacing recessed fluorescent lighting boxes if you are looking to transform your living room.

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