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7 Relatable Issues You Might Have With A Low-Quality Air Conditioner

Publish Date : March 1, 2022

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With the arrival of the summer season, the work of the air conditioner started. An air conditioner that is shut down for months has to work once again and needs to provide cool air to people. Almost in every home of Escondido, people install an AC unit in their place. In the summer season, the use of conditioners increases. However, some house owners face trouble when their installed air conditioner won’t work properly. For proper functioning of air conditioners, it’s essential to install good quality AC in the house. However, due to some reasons, some people install a low-quality air conditioner that can create lots of problems. Though they had purchased AC at a low price, and the expenses of AC repair services in Escondido increased.

If you have installed an air conditioner of low quality, it becomes vital to give proper maintenance services. Otherwise, it will create lots of problems in the future. A low-quality air conditioner creates various problems, such as creating noise, the filter getting dusty easily and quickly, the indoor and outdoor unit initiates leaking, and many more. For overcoming issues, the house owner hires the AC repair services of professional technicians that charge a massive amount for the services they render. Hence a low-quality air conditioner always creates trouble for the house owner.

Major Issues You Can Face With Low-quality Air Conditioners.

1. Water Leak (indoor and outdoor)

Due to low-quality air conditioners, people face water leakage problems in indoor and outdoor units. However, the problem of leaks started quickly and created lots of difficulties for homeowners. The reason for water leakage in the indoor unit may be due to the condensate drain of your air conditioner getting blocked. This blockage can occur due to fungi and algae that get deposited there and creates the problem of proper flowing of water through a pipe. The pipe water gets reversed and results in water leaks in your home. Along with the brown down of condensate, pumps also create leakage problems in the indoor unit of AC. You can solve this problem by unblocking the condensate pipe using a dry vacuum.

The technician can easily unclog the pipe and give you relief from such an issue. Apart from indoor and outdoor, the air conditioner also creates leakage problems such as poor AC seals, dryness of air filters, improper installations, etc. For overcoming all such troubles, the house owner needs to contact a professional that will solve the leak problem of the appliance.

2. Damage Compressor

A low-quality AC compressor easily gets damaged. Sometimes, you need to replace the compressor, which increases your expense. The work of the compressor is to assist refrigerants in exchanging heat, and the pressure is also the job of the compressor. Change in refrigerant levels, dirty coils, and less lubrication can damage the compressor of the air conditioner. With a lack of refrigerant, the temperature of the compressor increases and becomes hot, which results in its failure and it stops working. If the refrigerant is used more than required, then also the pressure in the unit increases. Thus, over usage of refrigerant can lead to compressor failure.

With the help of a technician in Escondido, you can solve the problem of the compressor. But in case the damage is too much, in such a situation, it’s always better to replace the compressor with the help of Air Conditioner Replacement Services in Escondido. They will guide you whether it requires replacement or repair services. Using a high-quality air conditioner helps enhance the longevity of your AC and enjoy the cool air without any disturbance.

3. Dirty Filter

Low-quality air conditioner attracts the dust more. They absorb the pollutant air from outside, resulting in the blockage of the filter. Air conditioner filters play an active role in keeping airflow fresh and clean and give protection from pollutants and dust. A clogged filter of the air conditioner restricts the proper flow of air, and hence, decreases the working efficiency of AC.

A dirty filter also affects the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner, and your air conditioner requires lots of time to cool the place. Hence if your AC airflow is clogged up or becomes stuffy, it’s a sign that it requires proper cleaning. If you have a pet in your home, then this problem is not ordinary, and house owners have to clean the filter more often because the pet fur gets stuck into the filter. Calling professional services is the best option for cleaning the air filter as they have all equipment and tools that can clean the air filter from deep.

4. Frozen Evaporator Coil

In air conditioners, especially in a low equality air conditioner, the problem of the frozen evaporator coil is most common. When your AC doesn’t cool your home properly, this common problem arises because of the lack of air received by the air conditioner for normal operation. The proper flow of air gets restricted because of dirt and debris accumulated and built up in the unit due to that warm air failing to reach the refrigerant. This situation freezes the refrigerant, and the problem of frozen evaporator coil takes place.

To overcome this problem, it’s essential to defrost the coil. Before defrosting, switch off your AC unit. To thaw the evaporator coil takes almost 24 hours. By using an air dryer, you can easily speed up the defrost process. If you find it difficult to solve this problem on your own, you can call a professional air conditioner repair service provider in Escondido. They will help you to solve all your issues.

5. Noise Problem

The noise problem is the most common problem you face if you have a low-quality air conditioner. When you hear any strange noise coming from your air conditioner, it’s a sign that there is something wrong with your air conditioner. It’s very annoying to have an AC unit creating lots of noise. But it gives you a signal that there is some issue with your air conditioner, and your air conditioner requires immediate action from getting the condition worse.

Different AC noise indicates a different problem that arises in your system. Like grinding sound indication about the failure of motor and compressor. Clicking noise points obstruction problem in capacitor or fan. A noise of bubbling takes place because of excess moisture or refrigerant leak in your AC unit. Never take the noise problem lightly. Immediately contact experts and get a solution. A technician, by observing sound, finds out your AC problem and solves all the issues instantly.

6. AC Fan Failure Problem

The function of an outdoor AC unit is to transfer the hot air from indoor to outdoor with the help of a fan of the air conditioner. In case the outdoor unit doesn’t perform the work effectively, the heat is not transferring perfectly. Due to that, the air conditioner compressor sometimes overheats and creates problems. Many times the conditions become worse, and even you have to replace your AC unit with the new one. The fan stopped working maybe because of wiring and losing components.

To solve the problem, remove your AC unit outer case and thoroughly inspect the issue. Sometimes diagnosing the trouble becomes difficult, and you need to call the technician who can inspect the problem and guide you with suggestions related to repair or replace options. It’s essential to fix the problem effectively and keep your air conditioner in a running state for long years. However, for low-quality AC, such issues are common.

7. Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak

Air conditioner refrigerant plays an active role in cooling air under an air conditioner unit. It’s the main component of your AC unit that cools your house. A refrigerant leak is a common problem faced by you. In a good quality air conditioner, the problem may not occur frequently. But in low-quality AC, the chances of such problems are very common. It increases the repair cost.

If the refrigerant problem is normal, you can solve it easily; however, in case of a major issue such as faults in the pipe, you may need to change the network of the AC unit. Overcharging and undercharging of refrigerant create problems and hence for proper advice you can contact a professional who can understand the problem and solve it effectively.


The air conditioner is the most important electric appliance of your home. Low-quality air conditioners create lots of issues, and hence it requires fixing the issue quickly before the situation gets worse. Before buying an air conditioner, it’s essential to consider the price and quality. Otherwise, low quality may create lots of problems and difficulties.

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