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Home » Blog » Why should you hire a professional electrician before a home renovation project?

Why should you hire a professional electrician before a home renovation project?

Publish Date : August 30, 2022

Professional Electrician working for Home Renovation

Is your home too old because of which you are planning to renovate your home? If this is the case, then you might be considering hiring a professional remodeling contractor in Costa mesa or home renovation contractor for the renovation.

Then why don’t you consider hiring a professional electrician before the renovation project?

If you are not thinking about this, then through this post, we will help you to make a well-informed decision so that you and your family will remain safe and your money will not go in vain.

If your home is too old, then, of course, the electrical system of your home is also aging. With time, electrical wiring, outlets, switches, etc., also expire because they can offer you an electrical shock. In this regard, many homeowners think they can do electrical work themselves, but they are wrong. But putting hands into an electrical thing is quite a dangerous activity unless you have all the right knowledge and training.

Now the question arises what will be the solution to this problem? The answer is to hire a professional residential electrician, especially when you are renovating your home for the first time.

Reasons To Hire a Residential Electrician For The Home Renovation Project

No matter whether you purchased a new home or renovated the existing one, taking care of your electrical system is quite vital. That’s why if you want this inspection to go well without any issues, then hiring a professional electrician is the best idea.

Upgrade electrical panels

It is true that by watching DIY videos, you can replace the electrical panels yourself, but in that, you and your home are at risk. According to a residential electrician, electrical panels must be replaced every 20 to 30 years. However, if you are going for home remodeling and your home electrical panels are under 20 years old, then also replace them for safety.

The reason is older homes only used 30 to 50 amps of electricity which is relatively less than modern homes. Well, if you are renovating your house with modern taste, then surely it needs more power which existing electrical panels cannot handle. However, if you don’t replace them, you will face many problems like severe electrical problems that can damage your electrical appliances, flickering lights, frequent power outages, etc.

So, to make your money worth an investment, ensure to replace your electrical panels by hiring a professional electrician.

A professional home remodeling contractor is authorized.

A professional electrician has undergone proper training and own state license for electrical work. If you are looking forward to upgrading your home, hiring a professional electrician is the wise decision. A licensed electrician has proper qualifications and can offer quality work as electricity is sensitive work.

So, keeping your modern taste in mind, hiring a licensed electrician is the perfect investment you will make before starting the home renovation project.

It helps in preventing electrical hazards.

Every homeowner wants their home safe from damaged wires, shocks, and fires. If you look forward to doing the electrical work yourself, you will come to know that the work is not as simple as it looks in videos. However, when it comes to renovating your home, there are many issues that can come your way related to the electrical system and many other things.

So, if you want to take the safe side, hiring a professional remodeling contractor and residential electrician is the best idea. The reason is by inspecting your home before work, they can quickly identify possible electrical hazards and will inform you to take the safe side.

Have full knowledge of codes

Every home in the USA must adhere to the electrical codes while going for an electrical fitting. In this case, if you hire any electrician without knowledge about these codes, and if by chance inspection is conducted, you have to pay a fine for not adhering to the state electrical codes.

But taking the help of a professional electrician is the best as they have a good amount of experience in electrical codes. These electrical codes are for the safety of the home and the people who are living in it. If you don’t follow them and in case any accident occurs, you will lose your insurance. So, take care and think wisely.

Rework electrical wiring

How to install electrical wiring in a new house is the big question? The home renovation project sometimes needs tearing down your wall to offer home aesthetic appeal. If this is the case, then you must go for rewiring your home. The reason is your old wiring will get old with time, and if, after renovation, it starts offering issues, then your money will be wasted.

So, before you ask a home renovation contractor to start the home renovation project, call professional electrical for the inspection. Firstly, they will inspect your entire home while looking for wires, switches, circuits, etc., and check whether they are safe or not. However, if they find issues, they will ask you to replace wiring or boards for safety.

Replace light fixtures

If you want to make your home attractive and to save your money on electricity bills, then there is no best time to replace them before the home renovation project. That means, when you are planning to renovate your home, you must have thought of some style and design your home will look after renovation. However, in this regard, lighting plays an essential role in decorating the house.

If you don’t replace the lights of your home, it can make or break the overall look of your property. So, consider replacing them by hiring a professional electrician as they know how to save on electricity bills.

Install additional outlets

If your home is built in the old style and now you are renovating it, then you may need to install additional outlets as any part of the house is lacking in power access. However, some of the outlets are also placed in an awkward direction which is of no use. So, when you are renovating your property, it’s best to take steps to decide where you want the outlets and also remove them from the old place.

When the point is of installing new outlets and removing old ones, it needs the knowledge of expertise as they also prevent potential fire hazards.

The electricity work is quite dangerous and needs proper grounding for a safe home. The professional electrician has the right skills and knowledge about the same. So, only rely on a professional and licensed electrician to replace your older electrical outlets.

They are skilled and experienced.

This is one of the essential reasons you hire a professional electrician in Laguna beach for the work at your home. That means they have undergone proper training because of which they have the right skills and experience in electrical work. They very well know about all the residential designs, structures, and models, which ensures perfect wiring and up gradation of your dream home.

They are insured

If the electrician you have hired is professional, they must have insurance for all the residential services. Some of the insurances are: –

  • Pollution liability insurance
  • Worker’s compensation insurance
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • General liability insurance

If the electrician you have hired owns all the above insurance, you will be spared liability on death, cyber security, etc. So, it is an additional benefit of hiring a professional electrician.

It helps in saving money.

No doubt hiring a professional electrician will save you a good amount of money as they advise you on which brand of electrical appliances, wires, and outlets to buy. Apart from that, they also ensure that you don’t have to call the electrician again for any issues.

In short, they will do the quality work so that you will save your money in the long run by not calling an electrician.

The bottom line

You can think of saving money by doing electrical work yourself, but in that case, you and your home are at risk. The reason is you don’t have enough knowledge about the work, and sometimes you can damage the home electrical system even more, which will cost you even more. So, don’t make such a mistake and trust professional electrical for the work.

Call EZ Eletric for all your electrical needs if you are planning to renovate your home. The team of EZ Eletric is highly skilled, professional, experienced, and trained in electrical issues and replacement. Whether you need to replace your home lights or install outlets, their team of experts will always be there to help you.

However, before starting the work, they offer an inspection of your entire home and then take the decision. In short, they deliver top-notch electrical services with just one call.

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