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For What Reason Has My Air Conditioner Stopped Functioning?

Publish Date : October 11, 2022

Problems with air conditioning can affect even the most outstanding models. No one wants to sit about in sweltering conditions while they wait for an AC Repair in El Cajon to show up. Luckily, you can learn to recognise some typical AC problems with the help of our troubleshooting guide. We assist you in distinguishing between the two most common causes of an air conditioner’s inability to produce cool air so that you can get your unit up and running again as soon as possible.

Exactly why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Chilling the Rooms?

It’s usual to have temperature differences between rooms in your house. There are a few typical explanations with some simple fixes if you have noticed varied temperatures in rooms or higher energy bills.

The Temp in Your Home Is Way Too High or Too Low

Thermostat checking is one of the easiest things to conduct. Your air conditioner will not cool correctly if the thermostat is improperly set. Check them both if the temperature or the heat setting seems too high or if the heat setting is off.

Air Filter Needs to be Replaced; It’s Filthy

A clogged air filter is a common cause of maintenance issues. Short cycling occurs when the air conditioner goes on and off for relatively short periods rather than operating through a complete cooling cycle. Inadequate filter maintenance can lead to increased energy consumption and inefficient cooling throughout the home. It could even prevent your AC from turning on. Routine maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing the air filter, will help you save time, money, and stress in the long run.

A decrease in airflow due to blocked vents.

Your AC may not blow enough cold air because the supply vents are blocked. Make sure no dust or dirt prevents your ducts from doing their job. Several possible causes include toys, furniture, or closed dampers.

My AC fan has stopped working; what gives?

It could be simple, like a tripped circuit breaker or a more complex issue if your air conditioner’s fan suddenly stops working. The system will not be able to chill your home if the air conditioner fan is broken.

Condenser Fan Motor Has Failed Due to a Fire

Air conditioning fan motors aren’t complicated, but your home won’t be comfortable if they break down. The constant strain on the fan can eventually cause the engine to overheat and fail. Inconsistent fan operation, a sluggish fan, or a fan that won’t turn are all possible indicators of a faulty motor. The time has come to get in touch with an Air Conditioning Repair, El Cajon. One can avoid burnouts of AC fan motors with routine maintenance and by minimizing dust and dirt buildup in and around the unit.

A Bad Capacitor

The capacitor is not a time machine, unfortunately. When the air conditioner needs power, the start and the run capacitor charge up and send the power to the fan motor, these undersized but hard-working helpers ensure that your air conditioner continues to function correctly. When this occurs, you may notice a buzzing sound from your air conditioner, even though it is not turning on. It is a signal from the start capacitor that it is time to call an HVAC technician. When the AC in your system is delayed, turns off unexpectedly, or cycles on and off quickly, it could be a run capacitor problem. Once again, this isn’t something you can address by yourself. Call an Air Conditioner Repair in El Cajon if you need assistance with your heating and cooling system.

The trouble with the Condensate Pump

You can do DIY testing of the condensate pump with little effort. As they are used for cooling and heating, condensate pumps have a shorter lifespan than their single-purpose counterparts (depending on furnace efficiency). Typically, there is a test button on these pumps. Put some water in the basin and click the “test” button to ensure the pump works. If the condensate pump is broken or not working, the furnace will trip, and the water will pool where the stove is located (e.g. basement or worse, the attic).

My AC won’t turn off; what gives?

Suppose your air conditioner isn’t turning off when it should. If you leave your air conditioner on all the time, it will place a significant strain on the system, decreasing its lifespan and increasing your energy costs. There are a few possible causes beyond the thermostat not being set to a reasonable temperature.

The Evaporator Coil Has Frozen

A possible indication of a refrigerant leak. Because it cannot achieve the desired indoor temperature, your air conditioner will continue to run eternally. It requires prompt attention. To get immediate help, you should turn off the air conditioner and contact a repair expert.

Debris on the Condenser Coil

Yep. That annoying filth can wreak havoc on your entire system. The function of the condenser coil is to release heat into the outside air. The buildup of dirt prevents heat from escaping, allowing the thermostat to be set in a more relaxed setting without having to operate the air conditioner for as long.

How do I fix my central air conditioner?

When an air conditioner is installed by a professional, it typically does not contain a reset button. Although power outages and surges are uncommon in the Pacific Northwest, they can cause your air conditioner not to work. Fortunately, as long as you have electricity, the air conditioner should turn back on.

Even so, it’s wise to double-check your infrastructure and breaker box following a blackout. It’s crucial to double-check both the AC and the furnace circuit breakers if they’ve tripped. If the thermostat is blank, it may be because the power has been cut to the furnace.

Resetting the circuit breaker or turning off the air conditioner at the thermostat may help. Put in some more time and try again in half an hour. If you’re still experiencing trouble, it’s probably time to bring in the experts before the situation worsens.

What can cause the air conditioner to stop working?

Our AC troubleshooting guide will help you regardless of whether you have a central, mini-split, ductless, or heat pump system. If your air conditioner won’t turn on, here are a few things to try before hiring a professional:

  • Verify the proper placement of the exterior fuse breaker.
  • To see if a breaker has tripped, go to the panel.
  • Verify the activation of the thermostat and the absence of a clogged filter.
  • Make that the condensate pump is working correctly.

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