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Home » Blog » 8 Common Causes Of AC Water Leakage And Their Solutions

8 Common Causes Of AC Water Leakage And Their Solutions

Publish Date : April 27, 2022

AC maintenance service

Nowadays, the AC unit comes under the necessary product, especially in summer when it becomes unbearable to tolerate extreme hot weather. As long as the air conditioner works perfectly, people never notice its maintenance and repair services. Like all electronic appliances, air conditioners require proper maintenance and repair services. Many issues come with the AC unit, especially the water leakage issue. The leaking water may take place because of inadequate installation of an AC unit or unclean AC filter. Until the leakage is limited to water dripping in very small amounts is normal. But in case of excessive leakage, it becomes intolerant and hiring the service of professional AC repairing companies becomes crucial.

You can choose any AC repair company in Eastvale to resolve your AC unit issues. They have an experienced team that solves water leakage problems along with others easily. Hence, hiring their services is beneficial whenever you face a water leakage problem in your air conditioner.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional AC Repair Companies In Eastvale

There are several benefits of hiring professional AC repair companies in Eastvale for your AC unit. Some of them are as follows-

  • They have years of experience in AC repairing services so that they can handle any problems effectively that come in your AC unit.
  • They have the latest tools and advanced equipment that are very helpful in solving your water leakage problem quickly.
  • They provide quality services and charge affordable prices for their services.
  • In case of emergency also, they serve you and solve your AC unit problem easily and quickly.

Causes Of Water Leakage In AC And Their Solutions

1. Freezing Of Evaporator Coils

The greatest reason for water leakage in your AC unit is a dirty filter. It’s essential to change the air filter every 30 days. Howerver, air filters with dirt and dust create problems and make your AC unit work harder. So, it leads to system failure or damaging its internal parts.

A dirty filter also causes strain in AC units and blocks the free flow of air through evaporator coils. In the absence of free flow of air, the coil starts freezing and becomes extremely cold. When the coils melt, they results in water leakage.

Solution – Always check your air filter from time to time and change the air filter every one to two months. In case, the filter looks dirty, clean it, and you can call a professional team to help you out with the leakage problem.

2. Disconnection Of Drain Line

For an AC leaking problem, the drain line is also a factor. When the drain line is not connected effectively, it results in disconnection, and your AC starts leaking water. The drain line disconnected may be because of improper installation, irregular maintenance, ineffective repairing services, and sometimes it loses down because of long use. Hence, in case of disconnection of the drain line, the water starts flowing on the floor or leak through the ceiling. The location of leakage depends upon the area in which your air conditioner unit is installed.

Solution – The solution to the problem of water leakage is to disconnect the drain line and then reconnect the drain line. You can contact HVAC system experts to connect the drain line and eliminate the same problem in the future. Always hire professionals for AC maintenance services in Eastvale who will solve your issues quickly.

3. Improper Installation Of AC Unit

When you install new AC, and frequently, it starts leaking water, you may get perplexed. The reason behind the leaking is the improper installation of the AC unit. The drain pipe and AC should be installed proportionally. When they are not proportional, the water doesn’t flow properly from the drain pan, causing leakage of water from AC unit. In the same way, if you do not install the central AC unit on a level, the water spills inside your home. Apart from installing because of inadequate maintenance of AC units also creates many problems. Always take AC maintenance services in Eastvale by contacting professionals from time to time.

Solution – The central part of the AC should be installed properly and on a flat surface. You can also use AC pads that help in levelling the central part of the AC. You can also hire a professional and experienced technician to install your air conditioning unit effectively. It will eliminate the risk of water leakage.

4. Dirt And Debris Blocked Air Filter

As you know, dirt and debris block the air filter, which results in freezing the evaporator coils. That became the reason for water leakage from the AC unit. The air filter filters the pollutants present in the air and also allows the free flow of fresh air into the home. But sometimes, the dirt and debris accumulate and block the filter and create problems in the AC unit. It also affects the indoor quality of air supplied by AC units.

Solution – First, find out the place from where the water is dripping. Protect your wall and ceiling from getting damaged. Right after that, make sure to clean your filter properly and fix it back to AC unit once it dries up completely. It’s also essential to frequently clean your AC unit to avoid the blockage of the air filter.

5. Problem Due To Refrigerant

One of the reasons behind the AC unit water leakage problem is refrigerant. In the air conditioner unit, refrigerant is located inside it. It is responsible for circulating until the lifespan of your AC unit. In case the refrigerant is low, it results in icing up the evaporator coil because pressurization in the pipelines is improper. When the frozen evaporator coil starts melting, the drain pan starts leaking water and causes the air conditioner to leak water.

Solution – To prevent your air conditioner from this type of leakage, call a professional AC maintenance service provider in Eastvale. They offer effective services to their customers. They solve all ac leakage issues quickly.

6. The Problem In Condensate Drain Line

The problem in condensate drain line gives birth to water leakage problems. At the time of the dehumidification process, the air conditioner collects moisture along with debris and dirt. In case the homeowner neglects to clean the condensate drain line, the dirt and debris accumulate and become the main reason for blockages. Due to that, water gets collected to the drain line and drips out from your unit. Nowadays, many AC units come with an auto switch off the system. This system automatically detects the accumulated dirt and debris in the condensate line. It helps in protecting your home from AC leakage problems.

Solution – Just locate the drain line and, with the help of a brush or scrub, clean the debris and dirt. If the clogging is severe, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clear the junk deeply. Calling a professional AC repairing service provider is also a good option for preventing your AC unit from water leakage.

7. Broken Pump

In the air conditioner unit, underneath the cooling coil, a condensation pump is located. The function of this condensation coil is to prevent water leakage from the air conditioner unit and drain out water. But sometimes, due to the accumulation of debris and dirt particles, the condensation pump either stops working or starts malfunctioning. This causes water dripping problems in the air conditioner and also the indication that some damage has taken place in the condensation pump.

Solution – It’s essential to clear the condensation pump for proper flow of water. Calling an expert is the best option one can have. They have equipment and tools that help in cleaning the pump safely. On the other hand, proper maintenance is also helpful in preventing such types of issues in your air conditioner.

8. Poor Maintenance

The air conditioner unit also requires timely maintenance services. Poor maintenance leads to the accumulation of dirt and debris in an air conditioner resulting in the breakdown of the AC unit and creating a leaking problem.

Solution – Hire professional services for cleaning your AC unit. They have the idea of dealing with an air conditioner system and helping your unit to work effectively. The professional service provider eliminates the risk of water leakage problems.


Now, you have insights into the problems that create leakage problems in your AC unit. You can hire AC maintenance service providers in Eastvale for the effective working of your AC unit. The regular maintenance of AC is essential as it helps in the proper functioning of your air conditioning unit and gives long life to it.

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